eep Vol. 1 Magazine

eep Vol. 1 Magazine
Author: Maya Hristova
Publisher: EEP Berlin
Language: English
Pages: 312
Size: 22,5 x 16,5
Weight: 700 g
Binding: -
ISBN: 07981901374521
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Price: €20.00
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Product Description

Curator/Founder of EEP Berlin, Maya Hristova has teamed up with art director Ekaterina Shuvchinskaia and editors Krasimira Butseva and Stanislav Yekaterynin to create this pearl of contemporary Eastern European photography. Visual artists, writers and photographers from all over Eastern Europe have taken their time to share their work with us through their submissions for the EEP Open Call, wishing to be included in this first issue. As editors we were faced with the enormous challenge of making a selection out of more than 300 submissions. Additionally, we approached artists from different generations whose work we’ve admired and followed for years. We’re grateful to each one of them for sharing their work, vision and talent with us.