Zamane Kartları / Timeserving Cards

Zamane Kartları / Timeserving Cards
Author: Gizem Karakaş
Publisher: Onagöre
Language: English
Pages: 80 cards
Size: 8 x 11 cm
Weight: 198 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €50.00
Product Description

These photographs capture moments of feeling, thinking and trying to make sense of the world whilst looking at a body of water or a bunch of stones, gazing at the ground or the air, or even when staring at an armchair. Keeping track of the past, not forgetting anything, and hence of attempting to save everything must be a concern of yours too, like everybody else.. When you decide to move forward and not look back, with the desire to let go of the past, you realize that your brain can only perceive time in a linear way and is incapable of thinking of the future independently of the past; imagining the future is actually a form of nostalgia. While looking at the photos in your archive, you might find consolation in focusing on how they make you feel today, rather than trying to reach back to the moment they were taken. After all, today is closer to tomorrow than yesterday. As you update these photos with your fresh feelings taking shape in the current moment, you realize that what loosens the tension between the past and the future is the present: it’s your perception of the now. The past and the future are just stories you tell yourself at this very instant. Everything that happens at the moment is temporary, no feeling is final. Timeserving Cards are dedicated to Today, which provides you with clarity in the cycle of time, and allows you to tell stories that change and transform every day.