'Invited by Daniel Laufer'

'Invited by Daniel Laufer'
Author: Daniel Laufer (Ed.)
Publisher: Pronvinz Editionen
Weight: 550 g
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Product Description

“Invited by Daniel Laufer” brings together 22 international artists, who all contribute a work to a box of editions. The box is of A4-format (roughly 21 x 31 cm) and a “magazine in the box”.
It comprises drawings, collages, copies, booklets, a DVD along with different printing techniques. The edition series “Invited by” will be continued with different artists.
For each new edition a selected artist invites several contributors.

Artists: Lutz Braun, Hanna Brandes, Martin John Callanan, Sunah Choi, Raphael Danke, Agathe Fleury, Nina Hoffmann, Adrian Hermanides, Hella Gerlach, Simone Gilges, Atalya Laufer,
Daniel Laufer, Kalin Lindena, Alexandra Müller, Toony Navok, Martin Neumaier, Thomas Rentmeister, Annette Ruenzler, Roman Schramm, Gerda Scheepers, Hanna Schwarz, Viola Yeşiltaç.

Daniel Laufer (*1975, Hannover) curated the first edition of the series “Invited by”. He lives and works in Berlin.

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