Dolce Stil Criollo – Border Theatrics

Dolce Stil Criollo – Border Theatrics
Author: Christopher Rey Pérez, Gabriel Finotti (Eds.)
Publisher: Sometimes Always
Language: Spanish, Portuguese, English and Arabic
Pages: 380
Size: 17 x 27 cm
Weight: 670 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €20.00
Product Description

Dolce Stil Criollo is the sweet, creole style. Its 4th issue, published between New York and Berlin, is about “border theatrics.” The issue dramatizes the ways interpretation and performance create, destroy, sustain, and even entertain a border. Works of poetry, theater, essay, illustration, photography, and more comprise the publication in Spanish, Portuguese, English, and Arabic. Martinica especially collaborated on the design. Our fourth issue is our largest issue yet at 380 pages in an edition of 450.

Dolce Stil Criollo 4 “Border Theatrics” features the remnants of a play on Caligula that never was; a visual essay on salsa album cover art and the Puerto Rican imaginary of space travel; thoughts on Frantz Fanon’s medical and revolutionary work; an original script for a docu-play on a queer bloco in Brazil illustrating micropolitical camps and artistic organizing; poems on Brazil’s genetic modification of mosquitoes and questions of gender, plus much more.

Along with the publication of our “border theatrics,” Dolce Stil Criollo is also launching a new website, where a visitor can draw and deface several captured, live streams of borders between Brazil and Paraguay, the United States and Mexico, the U.K. and Spain, and Russia and Poland, by using specially-designed stamps that are based on the visual iconography of our 4th issue. We invite visitors to rethink and remake what takes place at borders by illustrating what else can be staged at them. At our new website, you can also find information about our previous issues and find a link to purchase our latest issue.

Contributions by Andrea Cassatella, Andrés Paniagua, the late Barbara Ess, Deena al-Halabieh, Eduardo Kac, Gabriel Carle, G Paim, Ícaro Lira, jjoaoapaes, José Acosta, Lucía Hinojosa Gaxiola, Natalia Lassalle-Morillo, Pedro Koberle, Pedro Neves Marques, Rolando Hernández, Tony Cruz Pabón and Varias Tatu
Designed by Martinica.Space, Gabriel Finotti
Design assistance by Ian Scheufler