Distinct Inside

Distinct Inside
Author: Pawel Jankiewicz, Michael Hazell
Publisher: self-published
Language: English
Pages: 8
Size: 20 x 14.5 cm
Weight: 38 g
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

“Distinct Inside” introduces angels as the bodiless powers that can prise open the space, and set there a temple, by the virtue of their own untouchability. It is also a description of an intervention done in an empty kebab joint in Moabit, Berlin, where someone planted, in a mirror left hanging on the back wall of the shop, a reflection from an art gallery display. Thirdly, it is an attempt to create a book with interchangeable content – an array of angles, sounding the book’s core.

The self-taught painter from Sydney, Michael Hazell, is best known for his figurative abstractions.
He has received acclaim as an independent artist this year, being shortlisted for the Whiteley Scholarship and winning the Art & About 2012 Vertical Canvas.
But his work is of a peculiar nature, one that looks at these vast strange expanses that open up only behind the drawn curtains. It doesn’t scatter its traces all over the Net. It is a painture of the fragrant paint and the approach towards a painting. If the artist decided on making the layout for “Distinct Inside”, it is because his painting is somehow pressing from behind these pages.
"I like the antipathy between the concrete and the ambiguous," Hazell said. That is, trying to make things as definite but uncertain as possible. I push this paradoxical situation to the point at which it’s all but broken down.
The obscure becomes obvious and the legible becomes incoherent, the great work then would be one of absolute mystery and absolute revelation.”

He recently moves along the axis London-Berlin-Leipzig (Tripp Gallery-Projektraum145-Pilotenkueche).

Pawel Jankiewicz is a writer from Sieradz, Poland, currently living and working in Berlin. He finished law studies in Gdańsk and Łódź with master's on art scandals and their normative entanglements. Drawing on practices of Polish critical art scene – its ethos of being involved in what is criticized, the guiding metaphor of the virus – his work develops a literary form that tends to come "from inside". This is done in order to revaluate the body and the bodily, the first-hand experience and language freed from hypertrophy of signification. Having a strong theoretical bent, his work remains open for the colloquial – it questions the cultural division between “high” and “low” culture and always asks the properly Eurasian question: where is vitality?

The author has been engaged in numerous collaborations, from local literary circles (Hafenlesung, Fiction Canteen), through the streetart milieu (Szpagart), galleries (Art Stations, Tripp, PR145), psychoanalytical groups (LaLAB) and individual artists (Michael Hazell, Noriaki). In 2016, together with Beata Łuczyk-Salamon, he was shortlisted for the RPS Open International Photobook exhibition, for their magazine „Protected View”, showed in the Espacio Gallery, London. The text accompanying the image searched for a new path to the heart of the city, coining ideas reaching the neutral, rather than the iconic. This formed the basis of his inquiry into the "indistinct", currently elaborated at ZK/U, Center for Art and Urbanistics in Berlin, where he is an artist-in-residence.