Dichotomic Language (vinyl)

Dichotomic Language (vinyl)
Author: Yan Jun / Eric Wong
Publisher: Vintage Vinyl Hong Kong
Size: 31 x 31 cm
Weight: 300 g
Binding: -
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Product Description

A1 A Meta Room
A2 Down The Tears With Salt
A3 We Deserve No Prefixes
B1 Insufficient Odd Numbers
B2 As If From Another...

Dichotomic Language
Vintage Vinyl Hong Kong (VVHK010)

The duo of Yan Jun and Eric Wong focus on the temporal and spatial interplay of organic and digital sound. Using human voice, sine waves, and white noise as their instruments, the musicians modulate the sound sources to bring out resonance as well as to create sonic movements that blurs the borders among the sonic events.

Eric says “When I perform with Yan Jun, I swing my arm holding a Bluetooth speaker as he filters his voice by moving his head and body. I remember I did it for the first time when we played in Aarhus. I wondered how we could translate the visual representation of what we do with only stereo imaging, it turned out to be quite a different experience when listening back. The sound moves more dramatically. I try to move less when I perform these days. I let the listeners move instead, and it works for this record too. Turn your head around while listening, it changes the timbre.”

Yan says “We have another album recorded back to 2017 but hasn't yet out till now. That was
very quiet and obscure. And sometimes when we perform live we have body or visual presents as Eric moves his arms while I shake my head. This one is much louder to my ears and has much less to do with visuals (unless you dance while holding the folder). You can only hear this one now. Its connection is only for us. Wait... I don't think so. To my mind it's the same thing in different shapes. All connections are for everybody. Basically the artists working to build unknown and unseen connections. I think we are two of them. Are we? OK I don't really care. At least not this week. Early this week a cat jumped to a friend's record player and stayed there till the end of this album. That made me very happy. I always prefer a cat. Then later this week I will be in Chengdu, Sichuan, the spicy city. You might already know that Sichuan pepper makes 50 electric pulses per second on our tongues. I also prefer this on the ears and on minds.”

Nick says “I am thrilled to be involved in this project. It took forever even though Yan and Eric had the music ready! For that I apologise! And I am not sure how much I did anyway. I greatly miss the live experimental performances in Hong Kong’s underground venues and, reading Eric and Yan’s comments, I wish I could have witnessed the recording of this record. Play the record and move around the room as you listen - it is not for headphones. Maybe chew on some chillies too.”
released February 1, 2024

Yan Jun - Voice
Eric Wong - Sine wave, white noise, pulses, via bluetooth speakers

Recorded by Adam Asnan
Edited by Yan Jun
Mixed by Eric Wong
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi