DESIERTO #1 - Trance

DESIERTO #1 - Trance
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: PAPER Architectural Histamine
Language: Spanish / English
Pages: 111
Size: 18 x 25 cm
Weight: 350 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9772340815002
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Product Description

DESIERTO is a printed quarterly publication suggesting contexts in which to think about architectural experience. In text form, these reflections make Desierto a landscape of ideas which contributes to blurring the boundaries of architectural thought. Desierto promotes speculation, supporting the spreading of ideas in their gaseous state. Its edition is bilingual in English and Spanish.

About first Issue

ISSUE #1 - TRANCE > Transïre. Traverse. Go across. Go over. Pass over. A state of trance evokes a critical and decisive moment, a state of sensory suspension, a psychological mechanism in which the person abandons themselves to certain conditions, external or internal, and experiences a different state of consciousness. During this disorder there may be alterations in reasoning, behaviour or in the ability to recognise reality and adapt to it.

Featuring Pedro Pitarch, Cruz García y Nathalie Frankowski (WAI Think Tank), Todo por la Praxis, Jonas Staal, Clement Valla, Andreas Angelidakis, Carmelo Rodríguez Cedillo