Deep Dream

Deep Dream
Author: Darius Bogdanowicz
Publisher: Darius Bogdanowicz
Language: English
Pages: 110
Size: 12 x 18
Weight: 132 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €12.00
Product Description

[DeepDream] is a virtual platform that connects your Dreams with the people around you.
Want to be freed from the bars of real life? Escape from your tiresome routine? Travel to every corner of your mind? Come in an experiment the unlimited possibilities of your inner self. Enjoy other’s Illusions and share your Dream.
Jump into the [DeepDream]

Deep Dream, a spectacular novelette by Darius Bogdanowicz.
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Self-published by Darius Bogdanowicz and Marco Ambrosini.
First edition, May 2016.