Author: Crème de Hassan
Publisher: Inversions
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Size: 32 x 32
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Product Description

All Music Crème de Hassan (Labrecque / Barakat), Exept A1, B2, B4 (Barakat). Recorded and produced by Ghazi Barakat at the Serpent's Egg, Berlin, 2017-19. Ghazi Barakat: Samples, Synth, Rauschpfeife. Paul Labreque: Guitar, Synths. Special Guests: Rahel Preisser, Kangling on B1. Ayoub el Mouzaine, Voice and arabic Nietsche Translation on B5. Momo from Bobo, African Flute on A3.
Cover Art by Rahel Preissner. Sleeve by Thomas Franklin.

Creme de Hassan is a collaborative effort and project of Paul LaBrecque (Head of Wantastiquet, Sunburned Hand of the Man) and Ghazi Barakat (Pharoah Chromium) that explores ethno-logical material in long, enigmatic sound-fictional excursions using guitars as machetes and electronics/synths/samples as a flashlight to illuminate creatures of the past and future lurking in the shadows.The tracks on Technique & Rite are based on six extensive jams the duo recorded in the first half of the year 2016. These sessions have been edited, cut-up, multi-layered, overdubbed or simply kept as is. All traces to accurately define the origin of the result have been effectively wiped out to achieve maximum alienation.