Author: Taxis, Pain et al.
Publisher: KEDA*PRESS
Language: English
Pages: 44
Size: 20 x 26 cm
Weight: 230 g
Binding: Softcover
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Price: €20.00
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Product Description

A collaborative edition focusing on the 1st lockdown period (March to mid-May 2020) under the call “How do you think the world will be after the covid crisis?”

Trying to break the solitude, avoid getting depressed, involve other people, and maybe most importantly understand the situation and see how others understand it. From completely post-apocalyptic or critical to warm and optimistic. This publication functions in the way science fiction writers have traditionally written about the future in order to talk about the present.

Participants: Taxis, Pain, Bobby Black, Soul Theif, K-161, Inerzia, Turbo 100, Tarta Ross, Lola, Indre Svirptyte, Lenawinkel, Christopher Robin, Thomas Kefalas, Delta Petsas, φ.ρ.α.κ.τ.η.ς., Οre, Sammy Alderson, Ners + Pegi Zali, ΚΑΚΩΒΕΣΑ, Senor, Anastasia Mikrou, Maja Djuric, Decadencecomics, Senonone, Anthoula Bourna, Adot55, Oneleg Rollerboy, Aseim, Loukas Bassoukos, Georgios Plastok, Vongregus, Kemar, Olpolo, Regular, Dark Arts, Rooty B.

Riso printed with black + blue or yellow or fluorescent pink inks on Munken Polar Rough 120gsm paper for the main body and Crush Corn 200gsm paper for cover. Edition of 300.

Extras: Poster by 3T03T0 + mini edition (14x20cm) with the story “Μαύρες κεραίες πάνω από την Σαλούγκα σίτυ” (Greek edition) by Bianfu Tang Clan.