Collection revue 5

Collection revue 5
Author: -
Publisher: Collection revue
Language: English, French
Pages: 288
Size: 21 x 30 cm
Weight: 900 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9782955000113
Price: €25.00
Product Description

For its 5th issue, Collection revue has changed its subtitle from the previous “A magazine around contemporary drawing” to a more simple “9 conversations”. The issue is still a direct extension of the previous ones: engaging in conversations with artists who would not have the occasion to be reunited elsewhere than on these pages. Alongside the artists, the issue features graphic designers bridging the realms of technology and emotion, materialist publishers and a group of skaters turned gallerists.

Featuring: Ernest T. / Taroop & Glabel, Galerie 126, Yannick Val Gesto, Sarah Tritz, Stefanie Lienzos, Masanao Hirayama, Maximale, Éditions Matière, Aidan Koch.