City Vein Lines

City Vein Lines
Author: Alison Hui
Publisher: Alison Hui
Size: 10 x 15cm
Weight: 106 g
Binding: -
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Product Description

The extension of Artist's artwork of wall painting exhibited in the 1st exhibition of the Pilotenkuesche International Artist Residency Program in Leipzig. The artwork captured artist's observation of the city and inspiration by diversity of city architecture styles.

Alison Hui is an artist, travel sketcher, doodler and writer.
After publishing two books with her sketches and illustration, she has spent 2.5 months in Leipzig for an artist residency, the stay in the city inspire her to create the tile.

Material: acrylic print on 300gsm black paper. Hardcover. Hand binding
Print: silk screen printing in 3 colours
Print run: 50 copies
Printed in Leipzig in 2019