Cured Quail

Cured Quail
Author: Various
Publisher: Cured Quail
Language: English
Pages: 224
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Product Description

Cured Quail is a new journal of critical theory that takes seriously the aesthetic, social and conceptual problems of illiteracy. However, illiteracy is not meant here in the customary sense of simply being unable to read or write. Rather, Cured Quail poses the question of illiteracy as that which hinders fully experiencing the words on a page, the patience required by an idea, or the particulars expressed by a work of art. Cured Quail is concerned with discussions on culture, philosophy, political economy and modern and contemporary art, featuring critical essays, reviews, polemics, interviews, and other formats.

Besides the journal's opening editorial, "Prolegomena to any Future Editorial", the first issue includes a newly translated contribution by Christoph Hesse, a hitherto unpublished essay by Paul Mattick, and a 2012 conversation had between Martha Rosler and Ben Morea in New York during the height of the occupation movement, amongst other contributions. Also available through the journal's website is Cured Quail's Rewriting Art Writing feature, a column which critically assesses the quality of contemporary articles on art published elsewhere by rewriting them.