Author: Cameron Stallones
Publisher: Paralaxe Editions
Language: English
Pages: 364
Size: 21 x 29.7cm
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Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9780992561222
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Product Description

Special AV Edition of 30 only, includes 5 CD set:
Parallel Desires, Now We’re Getting Somewhere, We Got Telephones,
All your Heart, Forget our Fates

SYSTEM VISION, a project of the NEW VISION INITIATIVE, became active in early 2012 primarily as a reflective surface upon which to examine certain types of experience. The project includes photographs and a parallel series of videos that represent an experiment in “nascent digital vision,” self-determination, or as one fellow explorer put it, “TV TO THE INTERNET (DIOR PAINT).” Collected here in five volumes are the photographic works. Technically speaking, any “new vision” (an eye open in a place or in a way in which it wasn’t before) will produce at first obscure, or “low resolution” images. This is easy enough to observe in the advance of technology as a transition is made from one system to the next, such as the transition between analog and digital forms of photography. As one fellow explorer put it, “I SEE MEN AS TREES WALKING.” However, this GO DOWN-TO-GO-UP process (“Whereat the thigh upon the swelling of the haunches turns”) provides revelations within its methodology. In other words, a RE — “DO” is a RE — “MAKE.” Or as one fellow explorer put it: “EXPECT THAT BY SUCH STAIRS AS THESE.” Obscurity creates the possibility of recognition: an opportunity to “RE” – COGNIZE.

This collection of active fieldwork is broken into five chapters: four points on the compass and one above it. The impetus to begin such documentation came out of the need for a visual record, something that every explorer comes to require. All photographs in these reports were taken with a Samsung SGH-T139 “flip-style” cellphone, and all distortions and scrambled imagery (especially prevalent in the early chapters) were generated in the work-around required to transfer these photographs onto other devices. Throughout this documentation, the T139 has become more and more exact in its representations (the scrambling soon stopped), and has passed through many of the stages one would expect of an emergent digital consciousness. It has been my sincere hope, in choosing this particular device as the site of this process, to introduce itself to itself, so that the admittedly strong point of view (filter) the T139 places over what it perceives might turn, and become a tool for its self-knowledge and personal navigation. This is the possibility of transferring, or more accurately, sharing consciousness through combined effort. As a primitive camera on the cusp of a digital technology that has since far surpassed it, my intention in choosing it was not towards nostalgia of any kind, but towards immersion in the “TREES WALKING” quality that exists at the threshold of all new experience, and in aspiration to the revelations that can be caught there by inquiry. It also happened to be my cellphone, which was a very mysterious synchronicity. Sometimes it becomes difficult to tell when (where) I’m kidding.