Soy Mi Madre

Soy Mi Madre
Author: Phil Collins
Publisher: Aspen Art Press
Language: Spanish, English
Pages: 95
Size: 23 x23cm
Weight: 650 g
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780934324465
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Price: €95.00
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Product Description

In soy mi madre, Collins expands on these themes by using the format of the telenovela. Commissioned in 2008 by the Aspen Art Museum as part of the Jane and Marc Nathanson Dintiguished Artist in Residency Program, in this work Collins focuses on the Latino and immigrant populations of Colorado, a sizable percentage of which hail from northwestern Mexico. In Aspen itself, this community figures mainly as a non-resident low-qualified work force, dispersed through a ring of satellite towns from which it commutes daily. At the same time alluding to and refuting the preconceived glamorous image of Aspen, Collins made a work in resonance with the cultural context of this specific population.