Author: Kamilya Kuspanova, Anton Bialas
Publisher: Possession Immédiate
Language: English/French
Pages: 208
Size: 20 x 20 cm
Weight: 666 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €28.00
Product Description

Catching the fleeting instant means letting shadows vibrate alongside the underlying connections and symbols of situations. With their work Début de siècle (Beginning of a Century) Kamilya Kuspanova and Anton Bialas unfold an uncanny Anima Mundi throughout a hundred diptychs. Men, women, children, animals, intentional or fortuitous sculptures, age-long or tech-infused atmospheres: they all seem to connect in a same visual motion. Their two intertwined visions create a strange kindness. Picture after picture their iconology mirrors and links the signs of the world. Unlike the often very flat snapshots of our age, each of their pictures is like a satori, an unsuspected instant. Not because they catch what is out of the camera’s range, but because the diptychs offer the possibility of a delicate countershot, a powerful and precious ambivalence. This compositional gesture reveals a timeless quality. Signs sparkle under the surface of harsh realities, visually conveying the glimpse of an emotion, a childhood feeling out of our reach. The nationalities of Anton Bialas and Kamilya Kuspanova merge with those of the countries they cross. From Europe to Asia, they cut off all possibilities of falling back into nationalist identities, outlining
a possible fraternal innocence. A link between beings, fleeting as it is, that always manifests as a renewed mystery. This is what leaks out of these situations, captured echoes playing with synchronicities. A perception of the infinite in the finite, both intimate and common, that never ceased to surprise me as I discovered this work. It is the relentless light of a new dawn that I perceive, despite this troubled beginning of century. These diptychs seem to unveil the existential void in order to create a constellation of signs that relate through a simple irruption of sensation.