The Content Consuming Its Form

The Content Consuming Its Form
Author: INRA
Publisher: INRA
Language: English
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Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

INRA’s second studio album “The Content Consuming Its Form” is released as a book with poems and a download code. It is about sonic fiction and linguist realism. Combining sardonic poetry, poly sexual rhythms and visceral drones, they follow the idea of alienation both as a threat and emancipation.

“The Content Consuming Its Form” refers to INRA’s epistemology: the moment, when their inner world of sound and language melts into an artefact of the outer world. It jumps between beauty to dread to the politics of sound: a libidinal journey for the bodies and minds of the 21st century selves attempting to open up new spaces of possibilities.

(includes download code)

1. The Last Summer Before Web 2.0
2. I Don't Have Feet
3. She`s Like The Silence In Ingmar Bergman Movies
4. The Content Consuming Its Form
5. 5 Likes After 7 Minutes
6. Free Powersnacks In The Co - Working Space

Written & recorded by: INRA [Adam Ben-Nun and Philipp Rhensius]
Artwork: Marat Beltser
Mastering: Sintenne Mastering Studio