Patti Smith Complete 1975-2006

Patti Smith Complete 1975-2006
Author: Patti Smith
Publisher: Harpers Collins
Language: English
Pages: 336
Weight: 936 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €23.40
Product Description

The release of any new material by legendary poet and musician Patti Smith, either written or recorded, is cause for celebration. When Smith released her lyrics in a lavishly illustrated and annotated book, crowds turned out in record numbers across the country at book festivals, libraries, and local clubs to celebrate this artists magnificent and ongoing journey in words and music. The Chicago Tribune described the first edition of Patti Smiths Complete as "a collection of her songwriting oeuvre, notes, and unpublished photos by Robert Mapplethorpe and Annie Liebovitz, and countless memorabilia from the complex life of this nearly fifty-two-year-old image of American individuality." Now in a completely updated paperback filled with new photos and lyrics from her last two records, Gung Ho and Trampin, and with a brand new cover, here are the words and pictures that influenced a generation from the fever pitch of performance to the solitude of the artist. Never has a collection of lyrics offered up images from a lifetime as intimate and forthright as those collected in Patti Smith Complete