Detroit city guide book «Rise from the ashes» [Set]

Detroit city guide book «Rise from the ashes» [Set]
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Publisher: BATT COOP
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Detroit City Guide Book
¨Rise From The Ashes¨ [Set]

Vol. 1\5 Framed collapse lobby
Vol. 2\5 Tactical resistance passage
Vol. 3\5 Body enactment corridor
Vol. 4\5 Mind censorship gloryhole
Vol. 5\5 Outsider burial bedroom

Artists: Aïda Bruyère, Camille Tallent, Chloé Cordiale ft. Misfit Electronics, Gaspard Laurent, Halldora Magnúsdóttir, Lia Pradal, Maxime Verdier, Rayane Mcirdi, Samuel Blazy, Stéphane Gilles-Pick, Tangui Marchand

Publishing director
Julien Sirjaq

November 2019

Julien Sirjacq's studio at the Beaux-Arts de Paris is exhibiting the fourth and final installment of his Detroit City Guide Book: Rise from the Ashes series at the P38 gallery from October 31 to November 9, 2019.
In the midst of the historic political violence of the United States, from the meteoric rise to the brutal decline of a city, an industry, a social system and an economy, a resilient and visionary culture was born in Detroit, which has continued to infect with its resilience for 40 years.This final installment is the result of a meeting with Cary Loren, founding member of Destroy All Monsters. Under the invocation of Mike Kelley and his peers, the immersive exhibition traces an analysis of the cult of fear and violence that will navigate between abandoned houses in suburban Detroit transformed into horror museums for Halloween, the history of the counter-culture and the return of the repressed. This publication, based on the archives of Manuel Morin, collector, manager of the P38 gallery and member of Battcoop, was edited to accompany the exhibition.