La Reconstruction à Marseille 1940 - 1960

La Reconstruction à Marseille 1940 - 1960
Author: Jean-Lucien Bonillo
Publisher: IMBERNON
Language: French
Pages: 192
Size: 24 x 24 cm
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Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9782951639669
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Product Description

Focused on the rebuilding of Vieux-Port in Marseilles, destroyed by the Germans in 1943, this book published by Imbernon Publishers develops nevertheless a broader approach:
- In time, when the inter-world wars period and the global conflict, the visions and plans of which announce the demolition/rebuilding process.
- In space, because of Le Corbusier's plans for Marseilles and the consideration of national context.
The rebuilding of the district of the Vieux-Port, beyond intrinsic quality of some architectures which are acknowledged nowadays -like Fernand Pouillon's-, produces high-value urban fragment. Far from the aesthetic ideal of homogeneity that was consensual at that time, there is a real metaphor about the city in History, an imperfect palimpsest which kept traces of its conditions of manufacture. The urban landscape that results from it, returns a rich complexity in which collective aim as well as singular architectural discourses is affirmed. Unlike the harbour of Le Havre, this heritage is in the process of recognition and protection.