Everything (five stapled booklets set)

Everything (five stapled booklets set)
Author: Everything
Publisher: Humboldt Books; USI – Università della Svizzera Italiana
Language: English
Pages: -
Size: 21 x 30 cm
Weight: 300 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9791280336019
Price: €29.00
Product Description

This edition collects the first five issues of Everything, a report of the eponymous workshop founded by Kersten Geers, Fabrizio Ballabio, Jelena Pancevac and Guido Tesio at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio. In fact, Everything picks up where Architecture without Content left off. After thirty-three variations on the theme of the big box and architecture as perimeter, it was time to look elsewhere. These reports deal with European architecture in and outside the city. Adopting the practice of accumulating every existing form implemented by Alighiero Boetti in the 1980s in his series of Tutto tapestries, we have tried to be simultaneously omnivorous and surgical in analysing any form present in the landscape. This heterogeneous collection includes projects by Raphael, Nouvel, Bofill and Academy students. Ultimately, our aim is to accumulate cultural manifestations without prejudice, in the belief that the only way to preserve culture, and by extension architecture, is simply to keep producing it.

Design: Joris Kritis