éCoHabiter - Des environnements pluriels

éCoHabiter - Des environnements pluriels
Author: Muriel Girard, Béatrice Mésini
Publisher: Imbernon
Language: French
Pages: 175
Size: 21 cm × 24 cm
Weight: 700 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9782919230341
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Product Description

This volume of Habiter aims to deepen reflection on ways of living and forms of cohabitation centered on an ecological, economic and solidarity approach. Starting from the relationship between human beings and their environment, from near to far, each way of living is distinguished here by the study of its "environment". We postulate that there is an “art of inhabiting” environments in their geomorphological, historical, economic and sociological dimensions.
The concept of ecoHabitat refers to both the sharing of space and mutual assistance to access places and to minimize impacts on the environment. It is also about favoring an economical habitat that protects living beings, soil and localized resources.