Black Utopia: Sun Ra Lectures & Rehearsals

Black Utopia: Sun Ra Lectures & Rehearsals
Author: The Sun Ra Arkestra
Publisher: Drylongso
Language: English
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Price: €180.00
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- 2x 180 gram 12" records in hand screenprinted archival chipboard jackets
- 32 pages booklet

Sun Ra + Arkestra Rehearsals
A1 Somewhere Over The Cosmic Rainbow

Performer – Krista Franklin

A2 Sun Ra Moog Solo
A3 A Time To Keep - Collatge #01 - #04
A4 Sun Ra Rehearsal Recordings
A5 Arkestra Moniker Montage
A6 Sun Ra Lecture Fragment
Shaped Notes
B1 256 Hz Tuning Fork
B2 Piano Tuning
B3 Sun Ra Rehearsal
B4 A.A.C.M. Orchestral Tuning
B5 Sun Ra Solo Piano Performance Live
B6 Brother Kelan Phil Cohran Conversation
Sun Ra Lectures
C1 Sun Ra Rehearsal Lecture
C2 Dick Gregory: My Brother's Keeper
C3 Second Stop Is Jupiter

Performer – Sun Ra, The Sun Ra ArkestraVocals – June Tyson

The Learned And The Learned
D1 Sun Ra Lectures A Group Of Young People
D2 Alton Abraham's Answering Machine Message Tape
D3 From Angela To Sun Ra (No Man)

Performer – Avery R. Young


From an enclosed paper strip:
"Black Utopia directs the logic of string theory and the tactics of speculative fiction toward exploring the ephemeral Sun Ra - Alton Abraham Audio Archives at the Experimental Sound Studio, collected vintage Lp's, interviews and eavesdropping recorded in Chicago from 2010 to 2012, and performed commissions from Chicago artists Krista Franklin and Avery R. Young.

Edited by Cauleen Smith. Mixed and Mastered by Todd Carter at the Experimenal Sound Studio, June 2012. Produced by Threewalls, Chicago, Experimental Sound Studio, and Cauleen Smith.