Bernd Lohaus

Bernd Lohaus
Author: Bernd Lohaus
Language: French/German
Size: 24 x 33.5 cm
Weight: 391 g
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ISBN: 9782930368573
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Product Description

The German sculptor Bernd Lohaus (1940-2010) lived and worked in Antwerp for over forty years. Influenced by the teaching of Joseph Beuys and by his particular approach to materials, Lohaus created powerful sculptures from heavy azobe wood sleepers that he salvaged from the banks of the Scheldt. These works earned him international renown. Romantic, steeped in philosophy, poetry and music, Bernd Lohaus was an insatiable devourer of culture who was fascinated by the meaning and rhythm of words. Chiselled into wood, written in chalk, typed or chanted during performances, Lohaus' words acquire a physical presence and a spatial dimension that brings an added element of thought and emotion to sculpture.
Organised in collaboration with Anny De Decker and Stella Lohaus, the MAC’s exhibition presents a significant collection of Lohaus' large sculptures in the setting of the Grand-Hornu park and some examples of his more intimate and less known works in the gallery rooms: from early creations made of rope to his last sculpture projects using ordinary fruit crates. Visitors can also view delicate portraits of flowers extracted from the numerous sketchbooks of this indefatigable artist for whom art was a work in progress, a thought needing constant redefinition.