Frontiers of Europe: #ARMENIA

Frontiers of Europe: #ARMENIA
Author: Eriz Moreno Aranguren & Constanze Müller
Language: English
Size: 14.5 x 21 cm
Weight: 170 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9788460690252
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Product Description

FRONTIERS OF EUROPE is a magazine series exploring – through investigation – the geographical, political, and cultural boundaries of different territories on the frontier of Europe; with a specific focus on territories with a not well-known culture for the most of the inhabitants in Western Europe.

The publication which “snapshots” chosen territories’ culture and society at a certain time, each magazine comprises a collection of material both taken by the authors or achieved after research of archives and/or interviews with local key individuals of each territory’s contemporary cultural scene (with an special interest on visual arts, politics and society), because of their role as seismographs and representatives of a society’s reflective observation and creative thinking.

The approach to each place is not to set a foreign view to it, but to sensitively collect local perspectives in discussions and interviews. Following these links, the aim of each publication is to depict a deeper perspective by documenting each of the participants’ experiences through inputs (images, texts and artefacts). In this sense, the interviews are thought to get a picture of some chosen people’s backgrounds, perspectives, hopes and dreams for their country as well as their understanding how they see Europe and their relationships to its identity.

The magazine series, created by the artist Eriz Moreno Aranguren and the art communicator Constanze Müller, offers an artistic approach and leads to a deeper understanding of the inner perspective of territories on the frontiers of Europe.