Anatomie of a Bird (Cassette)

Anatomie of a Bird (Cassette)
Author: Romain Bertheau
Size: 2x7x11 cm
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"After two organ albums dedicated to combinations of sound, rhythms and auditory illusions, here is a very different object...
These 4 pieces are basically improvisations based on skeletal micro-compositions, generally less than a dozen chords.
Played on the same organ as my previous recordings, I tried this time to emphasize the harmonic colours, the choice of registers and inversions, the intonation, the textures and modulations.
Composed in the morning and recorded in the evening the same day, I let myself go as the takes went by towards a more and more vaporous and melancholic universe.
The album is played entirely on the Italian style organ built by Jean Daldosso. It was harmonized in the church, which allowed the organ builder to optimize the power and the sound balance of the organ in relation to the building. A simple microphone in the middle of the church."
Romain Bertheau


1. Chlamydophila Psittaci. (Take 1) 08:48
2. Trichomonas Gallinae (Take 4) 05:44
3. Cryptococcus Neoformans (Take 2) 09:04
4. Chlamydophila Psittaci (Take 5) 05:48