An Anthology Of Concrete Poetry (in braille)

An Anthology Of Concrete Poetry (in braille)
Author: Rachel Simkover (Ed.)
Publisher: Motto Books
Language: Braille
Pages: -
Size: 26.5 x 26 cm
Weight: 450 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9782940524105
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Price: €55.00
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Product Description

An Anthology of Concrete Poetry was first edited and published by Emmett Williams and Something Else Press in 1967.

In 2013, artist Rachel Simkover chose a selection of poems from the anthology to have transcribed into braille.


Friedrich Achleitner, 1959
H.C. Artmann, 1954
Claus Bremer, 1964
Haroldo de Campos, 1958
Bob Cobbing, 1965
Bob Cobbing, 1966
Reinhard Döhl, 1966
Ian Hamilton Finlay, “The Horizon of Holland,” 1963
Ian Hamilton Finlay, 1964
Pierre Garnier, “Grains de Pollen,” 1962
Ilse and Pierre Garnier, 1965
Eugen Gomringer, 1954
Bohumila Grögerova and Josef Hiršal, “Iaska” (love), 1960- 62
José Lino Grünewald, 1959
José Lino Grünewald, 1959
Dom Sylvester Houédard, “for raoul hausmann"
Hansjörg Mayer, 1965
Franz Mon, 1966
Hans-Jørgen Nielsen, 1965
Hans-Jørgen Nielsen, 1965
Yüksel Pazarkaya, "the donkey cycle: 1"
Yüksel Pazarkaya, "the donkey cycle: 2"
Décio Pignatari, 1956
Décio Pignatari, 1957
Gerhard Rühm, 1954
Gerhard Rühm, 1954
Gerhard Rühm, 1955
Aram Saroyan, 1965-66
Adriano Spatola, 1966
Paul de Vree, 1966
Emmett Williams, 1954-55
Emmett Williams, 1965