amorces / αστάρια

amorces / αστάρια
Author: Michel Mazzoni
Publisher: Alt Éditions, Éditions Énigmatiques
Language: -
Pages: 424
Size: 16.2 x 24.2
Weight: 630 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 97829560841
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Product Description

Amorces refers to the beginning and end of film reels, unsuitable for recording. It also refers to the initial phase of an action, a first draft that is yet to be completed. The text extracts are taken from the books La maison des feuilles by M. Danielewsk and the Traité de chimie inorganique by A. Holleman. Certain word combinations resonate with the images.

Michel Mazzoni is a visual artist who uses the photographic medium to explore its material essence. Ever seeking the limits of the image, his work is positioned at the boundary of photography and painting, figurative art and abstraction. It’s a fragmentary aesthetic that blurs the figurative referent and reveals the materiality of a document that becomes an object.