Again, A Time Machine (Buren poster)

Again, A Time Machine (Buren poster)
Author: Jonathan Monk
Publisher: Book Works; Motto Books
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Size: 84 x 59.5 cm
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Product Description

A Poster Project produced on the occasion of Again, A Time Machine, a touring exhibition organised by Book Works and Eastside Projects.
Berlin, 2011

Eastside Projects, Birmingham, 2011

Motto/Chert, Berlin, 2011

Spike Island, Bristol, 2011

White Columns, New York, 2011

The Showroom and Space, London, 2012


Again, A Time Machine, 2011–12’ was a touring exhibition in seven parts, at Eastside Projects, Birmingham; Motto, Berlin; The Showroom, London; Spike Island, Bristol; White Columns, New York; and SPACE, London, that also produced a publication artists work, and writing, ‘Again, A Time Machine: from distribution to archive’, (2012).

As a tour, Again, A Time Machine, reinvented itself as work moved from venue to venue. Based on new commissions and archival presentations, it generated ephemera, performance and printed material, in response to a theme that plays with and inverts notions of time, archive, distribution and received pasts and perfect futures.

Part 1: Eastside Projects, Birmingham, 26 February to 16 April 2011, new work by Dora García, Jonathan Monk, and Slavs and Tatars

Event: The Happy Hypocrite, Say What You See, 31 March 2011, co-hosted by An Endless Supply and Maria Fusco, participants include a.a.s., Phil Baber, Harry Blackett, Helen Brown, Ben Dawson, Gene-George Earle & Ross Gillard, Karin Kilhberg & Reuben Henry, Kelly Large, Hanne Lippard, Apexa Patel, Nathaniel Pitt, Adam Smythe, Stinky Wizzleteat, and Marie Toseland

Part 2: Motto, Berlin, 6 May to 2 June 2011, Book Works archival exhibition, with collaged poster works by James Brook and James Langdon

Motto / Chert Peformance event, 13 May 2011, co-hosted by Sternberg Press and Archive Books, with Gavin Everall and James Brook from Book Works, Simon Fujiwara, Maria Fusco, Stewart Home, Ingo Niermann, Katrina Palmer, Markus Wiesbeck and Niklaus Maak

Part 3: The Showroom, London, Performative talks:
Archival Pleasure, 14 June 2011, Paul Buck, Melissa Gronlund and Sarah Pierce
Future Orientation, 5 July 2011, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Plastique Fantastique and Alexis Zavialoff

Part 4: Spike Island, 16 September to 9 October 2011, new work by Laure Prouvost, Dora García, Jonathan Monk, Slavs and Tatars and Book Works Archive; with additional talks by Laure Prouvost and Rory Macbeth, and Book Works, Ian Hunt, and Francesco Pedraglio

Book Works Archive: Make The Living Look Dead: A fictional archive of material from a selection of Book Works’ artists: An Endless Supply, Steve Beard and Victoria Halford, Pavel Büchler, Martin John Callanan, Brian Catling, Adam Chodzko, Jeremy Deller, Mark Dion, Giles Eldridge, Ruth Ewan, Luca Frei, Dora García, Beatrice Gibson and Will Holder, Liam Gillick, Susan Hiller, Karl Holmqvist, Stewart Home, Hanne Lippard, Jonathan Monk, Bridget Penney, Sarah Pierce, Elizabeth Price, Laure Prouvost, Clunie Reid, John Russell, Slavs and Tatars, NaoKo TakaHashi, Nick Thurston, Lynne Tillman, Mark Titchner, Alison Turnbull, Eva Weinmayr, and Neal White

Backward/Forward: Moving image works and sound archive compiled by Karen Di Franco and James Brook

The Happy Hypocrite: Miniature Essay, 8 October 2011, co-hosted by Maria Fusco and Spike Associates, participants include: David Berridge Julia Carver Homeland, LOW PROFILE, Sam Hasler, Sophie Hope, Bridget Penney, Steven Paige, Francesco Pedraglio, The Piracy Project, Barry Sykes, Clare Thornton and Marie Toseland

Spike Island Artists’ Book and Zine Fair, 8 October 2011, in association and organised by Spike Island and Spike Associates, participants include: 2HB, Åbäke, AND, Article Press, Banner Repeater, Bedford Press, Book Works, Bridget Crone: Plenty Projects, Gagarin, G39 + WARP, Sophie Hope, Toby Huddlestone, InterCityMainLine, Invisible Books, LemonMelon, Marbled Reams, Motto Berlin, Mute, No Fixed Abode, Novel, Occasional Papers, Steven Paige: Bibliophile, Francesco Pedraglio, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Magnus Quaife, Torpedo Press, Urbanomic, and Zero Books

Again, A Time Machine programme Part 5: White Columns, New York, 22 October to 19 November 2011, Stewart Home archive, and performance by Stewart Home and Kenneth Goldsmith

Part 6: SPACE, London, 6 April to 20 May 2012, Stewart Home archive, and a Night of Psychedelic Noir with Stewart Home, Katrina Palmer and Bridget Penney, and screenings of Master of the Flying Guillotine and Scorpion Thunderbolt

Final part: The Showroom, London, 18 April to 2 June 2012, new work by Sarah Pierce, with reappearances by Jonathan Monk, Dora García and the Book Works archive including Make the Living Look Dead and Backward/Forward

The Artist Talks: Lectures, After Rilke, 8 May 2012, Sarah Pierce, Dave Beech, Melissa Gronlund and Grant Watson

Final event: The Artist Talks: Performance, 2 June 2012, Sarah Pierce with six London based art students, The Happy Hypocrite — Interview, co-hosted by Maria Fusco and Book Works, participants, include: Sam Hasler, Anthony Iles, Hanne Lippard, Jo Melvin, Apexa Patel, Nathaniel Pitt and Jess Thom, Stephen Sutcliffe, and Barry Sykes