Peter Friedl: Work 1964-2006

Peter Friedl: Work 1964-2006
Author: Peter Friedl
Publisher: MACBA
Language: English
Pages: 376
Size: 21.5 x 17.5 cm
Weight: 882 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9788489771253
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Product Description

An acute and critical observer of the political and cultural environment, Peter Friedl turns his hand to painting, text, photography, video and film, sculpture, installation, and book projects. This catalogue also includes a more personal and lesser-known side of his work: his drawings. Drawing that involves process and note-taking, registering things that happened elsewhere, and that is also connected to another of the artist's main concerns: education and childhood learning.

Featuring a large selection of the artist’s writings, along with essays by Mieke Bal, Roger M. Buergel, Norman M. Klein, and Bartomeu Marí, and a conversation with Jean-Pierre Rehm.