Author: Adrian Alecu
Publisher: Adrian Alecu
Language: English
Pages: 40
Size: 28.5 x 20 cm
Weight: 222 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9783741894909
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Product Description

Somewhere in Chad close to the border to Niger, not far from Zouar inside of the Tibesti mountains there is a place where a small european community still live. The air is very dry and frosty at more than 13000ft above the sea level. The shallows waters of the Chari River, which run through the city is icy cold, and the sun barely visible, possibly because the place is completely surrounded by mountains. There are no seasons there. During the day the temperature is unbearably hot, and in the night unbearably cold. Probably, this extreme daily temperature change is the reason why no native ever settled there. Each evening he guest workers return to their villages in the warmth of the valleys. This town enjoys foreign jurisdiction, and is ruled by a governess. The population cultivate their cultural heritage, the factor which finally maintains the city's European identity. There is a great appreciation for classical music there, and the peoples leisure time is always accompanied by its sounds. Every year in the city a classical music festival is held, to which artists are invited from all over the world. A young man from the distant capital will soon arrive to supervise the organization of the festival. Throughout the festival he will send continuous reports to his superiors. Gradually, he will fall into a swamp of greed, intrigue and persecution. That is the plot of the film. A place where time passes slowly, and in an uncertain direction. A well-known but perhaps unfamiliar world. The spaces of this world are suggestive, not illustrative.

This booklet can be viewed as an autonomous materialization of this film project. The layout or the flow of images should be seen as a parallel to film editing.