3:33:08 (special edition)

3:33:08 (special edition)
Author: su dance110; bilwa
Publisher: 3087 Records
Weight: 100 g
Binding: -
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Product Description

'3:33:08' by su dance110 & bilwa is a co-release with Venalism. The release offers two editions: objects and cassettes.
3087 Records hosts the digital and the limited object edition.

This is the object edition (including digital download code) of '3:33:08'. This concept object is a sculptural symbol that synthesizes the numerical sequence. It embodies and enables the traversable space of the abstract narratives. The four Arabic numbers are transfigured in to an intersecting constellation of the four characters written in Chinese 三:三三:八, forming a spatial intermesh which radiates the potential space within the finite form.

The form has a dimension of 9cm x 9cm x 10cm and could be easily held in hand. It is 3D printed out of a special hybrid material containing high percentage of natural bamboo fibers which give the object its semi matt black look and light wooden texture. As the fibers in the material react naturally to the environmental humidity during the printing process, each limited-edition object renders a slightly varied surface, details and texture. At each angle the object relates to the spectator in different ways, always allowing new discoveries through its maze, like a spatial constitution.

The object edition is made possible through the collaboration with visual artist Vemo Hang.

"In this film, the character 110 speaks Chinese, English, and their fantasy language. Is it a love story? Or a story that caused Dante’s death? No one knows. 110 was looking for a piece of wood. On their way to the Sunset East Coast they met a little cow and an old cow. The cows were talking to each other about the meaning of 爱, using their feet; Tikkk, a worm disrupted. 110 woke up with a head full of liquid in the bathtub. Floating around, heavier than the sweet potato chips, were their silent cryings. Apparently something departed without 110’s notice. It happened parallel in the two worlds, as if when the two moons in the sky cut up the space. What’s up? Down with the thoughts lingering in the air, 110 fell asleep deeply.

3:33:08's sound is noisy, experimental, electronic, chopped, and crunchy ‘brœken breaks’, with deep bass, dirty synths, and cut-pasted vocals. A soundtrack to su dance110's abstract storytelling, 3:33:08 is no specific genre; but elements of hiphop, dub, electro, dnb, glitch, breaks, and downbeat are suggested."
released September 28, 2023

3:33:08 = su dance110 + bilwa
mastering = Julian Grefe
object edition + digital artwork = Vemo Hang
cassette edition = Venalism
cassette artwork + design = Dan Su
shout outs = you