Catching Net (2 CD Set)

Catching Net (2 CD Set)
Author: Eli Keszler
Publisher: PAN
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Product Description

PAN 32 CD 2012

*Bumper double album that collects up all the disparate pieces of the Cold Pin recordings. Comes in PAN's typically lavish packaging including an outer/printed PVC sleeve* New York-based percussionist and sound artist Eli Keszler dropped jaws last year with his unstoppable one-two punch of the 'Red Horse' LP on Type and 'Cold Pin' on PAN. Admittedly this was the first most listeners had heard from him, but new devotees were quick to fall over each other to grab anything else Keszler had put his name to, so it's a fan service from PAN that they've put together this bumper double CD that collects up all the disparate pieces of the Cold Pin recordings. The original installation was set up in Boston's cavernous Cyclorama gallery, and finds Keszler stretching gigantic strings across the walls and letting small motorized hammers 'play' them at random intervals. Accompanied by a group of similarly outré minds (Geoff Mullen, Greg Kelley, Reuben Son and wife Ashley Paul) the musicians played to the randomized booming strings, and now, unlike the studio recordings we heard on the previously released LP we can hear the piece in full unedited form, together with the gigantic reverb of the room itself. Probably the most stunning addition to the original pieces though is Keszler's recordings of the Cold Pin exhibit he set up in Shriveport Louisiana, where the strings were stretched across two large empty water purification basins. You probably have an idea of how that might sound, but needless to say Thomas Koner's peerless 'Permafrost' might be a good place to start. Elsewhere we're treated to a full ensemble recording (with the Providence string quartet), which reframes the piece as a defiantly modern re-imagining of Ligeti - dissonant, disconcerting and gruesomely eerie. Even if you've already bagged the LP you won't want to miss out on 'Catching Net', it's yet more proof that at only 28 years old Eli Keszler is already one of the most important voices in the experimental music scene right now. Highly recommended.