032c #6

032c #6
Author: Joerg Koch (Ed.)
Publisher: 032c Workshop
Weight: 700 g
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

Issue 7


From the implosion of the white cube to the tristesse of Berlin, this issue presents positions that strike against the unholy trinity of cool, taste and ignorance. “The obvious is as omnipresent and stylish as it is inconspicuous and banal, yet possesses no attitude—it is the Western world's depressing vanishing point.”

Photographer GREGOR SCHNEIDER exposes the underbelly of "517 West 24th Street, New York"
Graphic designer PETER SAVILLE finds something in everything
Photographer BENJAMIN ALEXANDER HUSEBY unveils tomorrows
Comme des Garçons designer REI KAWAKUBO presents the subtleties of bold shades of perception
Artist MASAO MOCHIZUKI archives television
Writer EMILY KING dissects ARCHIS—the magazine as monster
Fashion historian CAROLINE EVANS explains how designer ALEXANDER MCQUEEN magics images and ideas out of air
Musician BRIAN ENO and artist PETER SCHMIDT deal out perforated cards of oblique strategies
Architect YONA FRIEDMAN mobilizes un-built cities
Historian ERIC HOBSBAWM tells writer CHRISTIAN ESCH how Marxism wasn't Main Street
Architect JAN KAPLICKY speaks with artist MARIA FUSCO about the sublime, surface wreckage, and fashion
Writer JOACHIM BESSING asks filmmaker ROMUALD KARMAKAR how to rattle consensus
... and so much more on 128 pages.

Joachim Bessing, Brian Eno / Peter Schmidt, Christian Esch, Caroline Evans, Maria Fusco, Benjamin Alexander Huseby, Drew Jarrett, Rei Kawakubo, Emily King, Heinz Peter Knes, Niklas Maak, Masao Mochizuki, Raymond Pettibon, Peter Saville, Gregor Schneider.