Author: multiple authors
Publisher: 0_100
Language: english
Size: 15.2 x 21.1
Weight: 70 g
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

autumn issue 2009

photos by:
Hasisi Park
Seth Fluker
Cristiano Guerri
Ali Bosworth
Jennilee Marigomen
Andrea Geremia
Dusdin Condren
Jonathan Feinstein
Peter Sutherland
Ugne Straigyte
Pedro Ramos
Li Hui
Mai Chaya
Maryanne Casasanta
Young Kyu You

0_100 Editions is an independent publishing project dedicated to produce strictly limited edition photographic wordless stories. Believing in the photobook as a form of art, 0_100 Editions is characterized by a typographic minimal approach, by the use of different kinds of formats and all technical solutions able to give the utmost importance to the picture in itself. Working as a kind of platform, 0_100 Editions has developed from 2008, lots of projects for both established artists and simple amateurs in the field of the art book.
The whole 0_100 Editions collection has been acquired by the MoMA Library.