Author: Nicola Pecoraro
Publisher: Nero
Language: English
Pages: 112
Size: 22 x 16 cm
Weight: 364 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9788897503088
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Product Description

Conceived as a work halfway between an artist’s book and an exhibition catalogue, Triton is a long sequence of images, mostly abstract and amorphous, which depict over one hundred photographic details of the homonymous sculpture exhibited in New York in November 2011. Just over six feet tall, with a diameter of three feet, the sculpture is a fountain perched on a pedestal-basin of reflecting material, each side of which is five feet long with an eight-inch edge. The highly uneven surface was created by the use of foam rubber, clay, and various enamels, as well as a series of recycled materials. The single pages of the book depict amorphous layers, bulges, flat surfaces, dark and bright trickles of water alternating in an abstract flow that never entirely reveals the actual sculpture. The artist has used the publication as a kind of musical score, or a stop-motion animation, which inflects the stroboscopic and choreographic movement of the installation in the two-dimensional form of a book.

The catalogue includes an insert with two critical essays by Laura Barreca, the curator of the exhibition, and Luca Lo Pinto.

The “Premio Selezione” is a project by the Italian Cultural Institute in New York, conceived as an opportunity to present the excellence of young Italian art. The winners - artists selected by an international jury - hold a personal show at the exhibition spaces of the Italian Cultural Institute in New York.

Nicola Pecoraro and Riccardo Previdi are the winners of the first edition of the “Premio Selezione” held in 2011.

Edition: 500 copie
Year: 2011

Editor: Lorenzo Micheli Gigotti
Art director: Francesco de Figueiredo

Triton is published in conjunction with the first edition of the “Premio Selezione Italian Cultural Institute New York” at the Italian Cultural Institute in New York.