Recueil 23/24 (Set 2) Casablanca /Alexandria // Esna/Luxor/Gourna

Recueil 23/24 (Set 2) Casablanca /Alexandria // Esna/Luxor/Gourna
Author: Cécile Hummel
Publisher: Edition Fink
Language: English, French
Pages: 80
Size: 34 x 24,3 cm
Weight: 530 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9783037462256
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Price: €28.00
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Product Description

As part of her long-term study "Memphis", the Basel artist Cécile Hummel presents a series of photo booklets and gives an insight into her constantly growing picture archive. In her current cycle of works, she deals with the Mediterranean region, the testimonies of history and the mutual cultural influence of the Orient and Occident. During a studio fellowship in 2012/2013 in Cairo and various journeys and shorter stays in the Mediterranean region - Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Sicily, Lebanon - in the following years, in addition to drawings, photographs were created that document and reflect the mutual cultural influences, especially in architecture, but also the changes brought about by tourism. Materials from this occupation are now available for publication for the first time.
In order to do justice to the character of accumulative collection and to take account of the unfinished nature of an open collection, the publication is published as an ongoing series of individual issues of the magazine "Recueil (d'images du monde oriental-occidental)".
This set consists of the two issues "Recueil 23 - Casablanca / Alexandria", "Recueil 24 - Esna/Luxor/Gourna" and is delivered together with an illustrated index of the pictures used.