Control #18

Control #18
Author: Stephen Willats (Ed.)
Publisher: Control Magazine
Language: English
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Product Description

Issue Eighteen, 2009

Despite the forwarding of new forms of socially based and engaged art practice by artists, a feature of culture in the last decades has been the ethos surrounding the possession of art objects. Art as property has not only persisted in our culture but has been celebrated and projected as a
dominate emulative icon.

What cannot be ignored at the time of producing Control Magazine, Issue Eighteen, is the sudden collapse of the financial markets that supported an inflated bubble. A bubble, which fostered the art object as financial investment.

Control Magazine Issue Eighteen presents texts by artists that offer a vision, a way forward which connects with people, to externalise their work into the real world today.

In this new issue of Control Magazine a group of texts are presented by artists that are considered to have responded to recent cultural events and are offering strategies for the expression of social and community values in art practice.

Vito Acconci, Preliminary Proposal for museum lawn, Williams College
Karolin Meunier, The Reference has Vanished
Stephen Willats, The Diagram as a Speculative Modelling Tool in Art Practice
Erwin van Doorn, Something is Missing, Basel/Kassel/Eindhoven 2007 – 2008
Dan Mitchell, , The Black and White pages of Control and Social Psychology
Annette Krauss, Hidden Curriculum
Thomas Hirschhorn, Presence and Production
Harmen de Hoop, Life in the Fast Lane or: Relax a Little
Steve Rushton, Self-performance in the Social Studio
Ricardo Basbaum, 9 Choreographic Diagrams
Phil Coy, Notes for a Self-generating Script