Author: Primitive Art
Publisher: Hundebiss Records
Size: 32 x 32 cm
Weight: 300 g
Binding: -
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Price: €48.00
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Product Description

Primitive Art

12" Vinyl

Debut release from the forward-living Milanese duo Primitive Art, Problems comes galloping out of the gate like a tripped out Cerberus tearing through Conrad’s Heart Of Darkness.
Matteo Pit and Jim C. Nedd’s widescreen, highest-def synths and foley stabs get fogged up as they swan through the group’s fever dream of humid percussion and battle-cry narration.
This is the sound of a memory within a fantasy blown up in total digital grandeur and projected against a rain-soaked Brutalist monument, holding fast against the gale as palm fronds whip the image.
"Problems" eschews tributes or place marks, instead opting to tap into the primal, continuous human experience of confusion, desire, restraint and fulfillment. Frequencies bend and pop in shamanistic syncopation within the intangible echobox of human communication, 10,000 saw waves rise and brace, each marking of a step on the dual continuum of pleasure and pain.
Problems’ Janus head leads and leads astray. Follow it.
Primitive Art have created a new language and everyone already speaks it.