Roméo Poirier Living Room

Roméo Poirier Living Room
Author: Roméo Poirier, Eli Keszler Remix
Publisher: Faitiche
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Size: 31.5 x 31.5 cm
Weight: 310 g
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Product Description

You're learing on a marble freplace (400 million years) telephoning (160 years) with a friend (33 years) using a smartphone (30 years) on which you entered the number using your opposable thumb (3 milion years) You ask this friend when he plans to return from his travels because you want to return his cat (130.000 years) who has been staying with you (8 days) During this conversation, you distractedly look at paintings by Piero dela Francesca (15th century) whose colors you appreciate thanks to the sensitivity acquired by the eyes of your frugivorous ancestor (20 milion years). These images are reproduced by laser printer (50 years) on wove paper (circa 1750) and as the conversation draws to a close, you put a record on the turntable (the Living Room album, 2022)

Roméo Poirier adds another track to his last year's album Living Room: Les encombres is anything but what the title suggests. A compelling addition to Roméo's mysterious cabinet of curiosities. Eli Keszler remixes Statuario - the album's opening track - and transforms it into an atmospheric setting that seems to have sprung from a magical vaudeville act.