Author: Sezgin Boynik (ed.)
Publisher: Rab-Rab Press
Language: English
Size: 24.5 x 17 cm
Weight: 800 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €18.00
Product Description

With a new design and look, the latest issue of Rab-Rab is in two volumes. The red thread of the fourth issue is "remembering as future" and it includes texts on improvised music, race science in Finland, conceptual art struggles, Russian Formalism, militant aesthetics and concrete poetry.

Among the contributors to the first volume are Alberto Híjar Serrano, Jacques Ranciére, Tony Conrad, Eddie Prévost, Martta Tuomaala, Zbyněk Baladrán, Ivana Momčilović, Gregoire Rousseau, Minna Henriksson and many others. Also, there is an extensive dossier on the Australian concrete poetry collective Arf-Arf, including their latest works; the first English translation of two experimental texts by Roman Jakobson from Czezch, and the futurist story of Viktor Shklovsky from Russian.

The second volume is about the most exciting, international, political, and theoretical years of conceptual art group Art & Language. In the Belly of the Beast: Art & Language New York Project 1972-1976, includes an extensive interview with Michael Corris, member of Art & Language and the editor of The Fox, and reproduction of previously unavailable manuscripts, pamphlets, transcripts and letters from the period.