Luxxuryproblems – Inhale, Aerosol, Recovery (Non Sequitur)

Luxxuryproblems – Inhale, Aerosol, Recovery (Non Sequitur)
Author: luxxuryproblems
Publisher: Spa Recordings
Size: 31 x 31 cm
Weight: 234 g
Binding: -
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Affection, Simulacrum, Glare (Expectation)
Trust?, Corrosion, Reflection (Apparition)
Gestalt, Echo, Vulnerable (Ignis Fatuus)
Activa, Serum, Climax (Decompression)
Fluence, Granulate, Opaque (Bio-Neon)
Contact, Escape, Nitrogen (Existenz)
Friction, Spandex, Response (Extract)
Ideal, Whirlpool, Transfer (Turbulence)
Stimulans, Geist, Vestiges (Aluminium)
Access, Expansion, Axis (Ozone Gate)

Written & Produced by luxxuryproblems
Mastered & Cut by Rashad Becker
Artwork by Tatjana Stürmer
Picture by Manuel Sékou
mannequin of № 25 Uniseasoners by Bless