Out To Lunch

Out To Lunch
Author: Ari Marcopoulos
Publisher: PPP Editions
Language: English
Pages: 368
Size: 8.5 x 11 in.
Weight: 1.8200 kg
Binding: Softcover
Availability: In stock
Price: €799.00
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Product Description

Out To Lunch is a signed and numbered, limited edition by Ari Marcopoulos. An index of sorts, Out To Lunch presents Marcopoulos’ earliest and most recent black and white photographs (we nixed the middle years) in various formats: matt-black&white images; high-gloss contact sheets; vinyl stickers; over-sized, glossy pull-out posters, and a screenplay written together with his son Cairo, all bound together with black binder’s gauze and housed in an illustrated plastic bag.

Limited edition of 350 copies, signed and numbered.

4to., (8-1/2 x 11 inches, 368 pages) 256 matt-black & white images, dozens of high-gloss contact sheets, 100s of vinyl stickers, 8 over-sized, glossy pull-out posters, a 32-page screenplay written together with his son Cairo; black wrappers bound with black binder’s gauze; housed in an illustrated plastic bag