L.A. Zombie, Lobby Card Series

L.A. Zombie, Lobby Card Series
Author: Bruce LaBruce
Publisher: Art Metropole
Language: English
Pages: Set of 7 Cards
Size: 45.5 x 33 x cm
Weight: 620 g
Binding: -
Availability: In stock
Price: €95.00
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Product Description

L.A. Zombie, Lobby Card Series

Art Metropole Toronto Canada

A set of seven colour lobby cards featuring portraits from Bruce LaBruce's gay zombie film, "L.A. Zombie". The film follows the exploits of an alien zombie in search of dead bodies in the streets of Los Angeles. Along the way various sexual acts result in miraculous resurrections. The narrative relies heavily on the sci-fi or zombie film genres as glimpsed through the lens of the pornographic film industry. Thoughtful perspectives on societal issues around schizophrenia, homelessness, gay sex, and violence in entertainment are evident throughout.

Art Metropole's lobby card series focuses on the film's main character and star, Francois Sagat, and follows the stages of his perceived transformation from human to alien zombie.

Housed in a stamped paperboard envelope with custom duct tape additions.

Edition of 200, signed and numbered.

Multiple, set of 7 cards, colour digital offset printed, in custom stamped paperboard envelope, duct tape