of course blue affects my way of shitting. Petrit Halilaj. Chert, Motto Books

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of course blue affects my way of shitting. Petrit Halilaj-motto1of course blue affects my way of shitting. Petrit Halilaj-motto2of course blue affects my way of shitting. Petrit Halilaj-motto3of course blue affects my way of shitting. Petrit Halilaj-motto4of course blue affects my way of shitting. Petrit Halilaj-motto5

of course blue affects my way of shitting

Published on the occasion of Petrit Halilaj’s solo exhibition “of course blue affects my way of shitting” at Chert, Berlin, April 2014.

“of course blue affects my way of shitting” is a collection of prose and poetry by Petrit Halilaj written between 2007 and 2008. Many of the artist’s titles for previous exhibitions and artworks have come from these texts, which have never been presented in their entirety until now.

The publication collects the artist’s writing alongside his most recent series of drawings “Several birds fly away when they understand it”. Both the texts and drawings link together history and fantasy, reality and absurdity; a dichotomy at the core of the artist’s practice.
The drawings from the series “Several birds fly away when they understand it” comprise images of the bird archive from the former Natural History Museum of Kosovo. These birds have been modified by the artist, and painted with beautiful, exotic masks.

The texts reveal an intimate and personal history. As a collection they provide a unique insight into the artist’s brain, recounting memories of childhood, war, exodus, family, work, and contemplating his own identity, his sexuality, love, affections and emotions. Halilaj’s resolutely personal works simultaneously reflect on social and political events, understanding the struggle and impact they have on a singular life.

Petrit Halilaj was born in Kosovo in 1986, he currently lives and works between Kosovo, Italy and Germany.

Translations: Clément Rognant.
Photographic reproductions: Dario Lasagni.
Design: Till Gathmann with Benedikt Reichenbach.

Author: Petrit Halilaj
Publisher: Chert, Motto Books
Language: English
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9782940524181


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‘Daniel Santiago, an invisible portrait’ @ Porcino, Berlin. 05.01.2014

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Daniel Santiago, an invisible portrait

opening tomorrow, Sunday January 5th from 7pm.

Porcino is pleased to announce the opening of its third exhibition, Daniel Santiago, an invisible portrait.

Porcino is a parasitic gallery located in a hole underneath the floorboards of Chert Gallery in Berlin. Actually, that is not true at all, not at all. Porcino is actually a mycorrhizal gallery located in a hole underneath the floorboards of Chert Gallery. Like the Boletus Edulis and the conifer tree, Porcino and Chert form a symbiotic relationship, their roots and mycelium intertwined with each other as gifts are exchanged for each organism’s continuous survival. It was founded in 2012 by David Horvitz during his first exhibition at the gallery.

Daniel Santiago (born 1939, Recife Brazil) is known for his association with Mail Art, and particularly for his collaborations with friend Paulo Brusky. His work is a playful and often humorous exploration of the poetics of the everyday, whether through capturing the cultural landscape of his surroundings in drawing, or by intervening in the public space of the city with performances and installations. Santiago’s work touches on philosophical questions about solitude, life and freedom, inventiveness as a strategy of survival and the potential of collaborating with others.

Editionshow. Chert, Raster & Motto @ Chert / Motto. 05.12.2013

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Editionshow. Chert, Raster & Motto, @ Chert / Motto. 06.12.2013 – 15.02.2014
Opening reception: 05.12.2013 from 7pm

“Editionshow” groups together Raster, Chert and Motto’s artists’ editions, ephemera and smaller productions, which have come alive in recent years.

Chert has been producing different editions and publications over the course of the past five years; ranging
from prints, collages and neons to small installations, objects and mixed media. These will be presented
together with our publications. The books are printed in many different ways, from photocopies or risograph,
to digital or offset. On occasion of this show, each of the artists represented by Chert gallery will present
one or more editions, and a small table will be dedicated to the publications produced or coproduced by the
gallery so far.

Raster gallery is one of the pioneers of the Polish art editions market. Raster’s aim is to present
contemporary art in a broader context, contributing to its understanding and paving a way for building
home libraries and collections in Poland. For over ten years the gallery has cooperated with accomplished
artists from Poland and abroad, across generations such as Michał Budny, Rafał Bujnowski, Aneta
Grzeszykowska, Wilhelm Sasnal and Zbigniew Libera – whose works are now also available as limited
edition series.

Raster will present editions by Oskar Dawicki, Aneta Grzeszykowska, Zbigniew Libera, Slavs and Tatars
and Karol Radziszewski. Special attention should be paid to the selection of Libera’s editions, especially
The Messenger Girl – a hand-crafted portfolio containing 12 duotone prints on cotton paper depicting
fictitious characters. Libera incorporated the figures and faces of twentieth century movie stars, inserting
them into the scenery of the Warsaw Uprising as photomontages originally featured in the book What is the
Mes sen ger Girl Doing.

Motto will present a range of editions by Kasper Andreasen, Sara MacKillop, Jonathan Monk and Erik
Steinbrecher, which are among several produced for presentations at the bookshop, since the Berlin
location opened in late 2008.


Olympic Poems . Paul Haworth. / Performance @ Chert Gallery 27.07.13

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Olympic Poems

Language: English
Size: 9.9 x 13.6 cm
Binding: Softcover

4 €
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+ This Saturday: Karaoke. Paul Haworth. / Performance @ Chert Gallery 27.07.13