Synchron Pilot Issue, Cover I

Synchron Pilot Issue, Cover I
Author: Various
Publisher: Dyer Press
Language: English
Pages: 128
Size: 21 x 28.5 cm
Weight: 418 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 27014630
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Price: €20.00
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Product Description

The Synchron Pilot Issue “Current Frictions”, run by two students based in Berlin, focusses on showcasing a broad spectrum of niche contemporary art, thrilling and entertaining fictional literature, subcultural practices, especially those developed in antagonism with, or parallel to, the larger commercial art market. You will find works by emerging, sometimes self-taught visual artists and ambitious students, as well as well established artists. We do not change the tone of statements so they keep their raw, sharp edges and we allow critical voices to be heard.
For the pilot issue we intentionally did not choose a specific topic, in order to find out what ideas and undercurrents our contributors were collectively reaching towards in these unprecedented times. It was only then, after the contributions had been sent in, that we chose the title “Current Frictions”.
Another key factor is the spicy graphic design and high density of different 3D styles and radical breaks which satisfy the eye while offering large scale prints of various art works.


Andromeda! (Cover 1) Tokyo
An interview led by Lena-Grace Suda talking to their friend Edo Oliver in a very personal tone about inspirations of his drag persona Andromeda, queer coming-of-age in Mexico, K-Pop dance groups, early Anime influences, Greek Mythology and other spicy topics.

Exhaustion of easy life - Bergen, Norway.
Eirik Falckner takes you into a "dark and powerful side of nature" through his works. Interviewed by Synchron Magazine, the multidisciplinary student of fine arts offers deep insights into not only his, by times illegal, practices such as magical graffiti on glaciers or public spaces in the city, but also into precarious subjects underlying society in the Scandinavian country of Norway.

Suckadelic – Chinatown, NYC
The Godfather of ir/conic bootleg toymaking, the Sucklord, spills some serious nerd knowledge in a conversation with Pavel Chernish, a toymaker and director from Berlin about his brand Suckadelic. With a prologue by the one and only master collector @tokyotoybastard Jeremy Mauney, who met the Sucklord a while ago in Tokyo and produced a little documentary about him. Find out what the artists thoughts on a merging of underground toy bootlegging and the big shark aka fine arts market, spirituality and toy culture are and immerse yourself into a practice where basically anything is possible as long as you mould together the right parts!


Self Portrait TV – Jamaica - NYC - Berlin
Andre Harris, writer and filmmaker regarding the long term project of Self Portrait TV: "The process comes from a place of loneliness and boredom dug by the q - the rona. documenting a seemingly senseless world to control it, slow it down and ultimately find some sense in it."
Prepare for disturbing monologs and practical facts about the house sparrow. His wild mix of under-the-skin poetry, slangy lyrics (find him reading them on YouTube) and intense documentary fiction really hits a spot.

Prologue To A Film That Never Begins, Called ‘The Actress Wins The Award‘
London – Berlin
With every sentence Jonathan Lyon’s short story drags you in deeper into the intriguing world of red carpet actors and film stars. You cannot resist this scandalous film script spiked with metaphors and a touch of ancient Drama.

ARTICLES (selection)

プラスチック Plastics – Tokyo
Photographer Niko Wu presents her artistic take on a globally growing concern which effects our planet in a damaging way. Contemporary dance performer Léo Bourdet is captured in scenic shots while being attacked by a plastic snake emerging from the ground…

Tales and memories – Basel
Fine Arts student Jeronim Horvat’s installation “The House Of Opportunities” is subject of this pretty hardcore (to read) essay “What ‘What if’ was made of” by Jost Wessel. Dive into an analytical journey through Jeronims mystic memories of creepy lullabies, witch stories and his recently formed gatherings.

I Envy You – The Internet
This collaboration of three IMVU players contains almost soft-pornographic footage taken from game sequences staged with their in game characters 小悪魔 (little devil girl), Gothgirl69 and Kodama999. Accompanied by an introduction of the user run platform by the real life person behind Gothgirl69, Kalissa Teiniker, shining light on the various opportunities “the world’s largest avatar-based social network” offers to young designers, artists and performers such as live chatting, cyber-raves or limitless self-expressing via their virtual character.

A Loom For One’s Own – Amsterdam In their powerful essay and statement on the cultural heritage of womxn and trans femmes artist Luna Faye Naumer Mateos guides you through feminist writings by Virginia Woolf, Audre Lorde, Maya Angelou, Virginie Despentes and many more with a string of words, carefully chosen and woven into a beautiful piece of contemporary rioting.

Cutting Apart – Berlin “How to write about the translucence of membranes?” and “If you can explain it in words, - why paint?” are main questions asked by writer Charlotte Noack regarding painter and sculptor Olga Maria Bläsi’s delicate body of work.

Art Off The Air – Helsinki An almost poetic critique by Kim Modig and Marina Valle Norona on the state of contemporary art and the whole, by times energy draining, lifestyle around increasing amounts of events, biennales and an overproduction in art itself leading inevitably to overconsumption and exhaustion.