The Bible Hounds Songbook

The Bible Hounds Songbook
Author: Else Lagerspetz & Loore Sundja
Publisher: Knock! Knock! Books and Lugemik
Language: English
Pages: 24
Size: 30 x 22 cm.
Weight: 142 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9789949723430
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Product Description

“The Bible Hounds Songbook” by Else Lagerspetz & Loore Sundja presents three previously unreleased drafts for songs from the animated series “Bible Hounds”. Bible Hounds is a fictitious cartoon series that could have run in USA in the late 1980s as a Sunday morning entertainment for Christian communities. In the post-Soviet Baltics, however, “Bible Hounds” could have found a much wider audience than in its homeland, as there, anything “Western” was accepted with an unquestioned enthusiasm. The show’s first and only season featured numerous musical interludes, which were often too bold and provocative for a conservative children’s series. In the Songbook, the absurd and jolly world of Bible Hounds is introduced by sheet music, illustrations and unreleased episode summaries.