Spike #70 Winter 2021-2022

Spike #70 Winter 2021-2022
Author: Rita Vitorelli (Ed.)
Publisher: Spike
Language: English
Size: 21.8 x 27.9 cm
Weight: 704 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €15.00
Product Description

For Spike #70, things are getting technical. Come wade into the OpenSea: the Web3 issue is all about the blockchain, aka the latest digital innovation that promises to either wreck or revive the art world (and world-world), depending on who you ask. This deep-dive into a wild new frontier features everything from debates on NFT aesthetics to the feminist case for crypto; generative art as anticapitalist; scepticism at digital currency’s volatility; a polemic for the blockchain as ecological salvation; and a glimpse into Web3’s status behind the Great Firewall.

Decentralised, or degenerate? Genuinely liberating for creators, or just another PR stunt pulled off by capital? Any way you slice it, crypto is taking cyberspace by storm, and it would be a mistake to look away as new possibilities and protocols crystallise. And if you’re feeling hesitant, fear not: the magazine includes a glossary of all the relevant lingo, illustrated by an original selection of fresh-pressed memes.

With Holly Herndon, Rhea Myers, Charles Brokoski, Constant Dullaart, Jerry Gogosian, Ruth Catlow, María Paula Fernández, Wassim Z. Alsindi, Damien Hirst, Miao Ying, Harm van den Dorpel, Sarah Friend, Kenny Schachter, Mónica Belevan, Rafaël Rozendaal, Toby Shorin, Mark Alizart, Primavera De Filippi, Elie Ayache, Simon Denny, and many more.