Gregor Schneider – Tote Räume

Gregor Schneider – Tote Räume
Author: A. Berardini, O. Dessau, D. Hammond and Y. Keijzer
Publisher: West Den Haag
Language: English, Dutch
Pages: 484
Size: 10 x 14.2 cm
Weight: 900 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9789079917914
Price: €25.00
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Unfolding a sequence of rooms, human figures, sculptures, photos and videos spanning almost four decades of existential work, the exhibition Tote Rӓume (Dead Spaces) assimilates the interior architecture of contemporary art center West Den Haag. Gregor Schneider actualizes the original function of its building as the Embassy of the United States from 1959 until 2018, the political order it represented, and the historical circumstances in which it was conceived.

The catalogue Tote Rӓume features an exhibition in times of quarantine. With four in-depth essays by Andrew Berardini, Ory Dessau, Drew Hammond, Yael Keijzer and series of site-specific photographs in a design by Karen Polder, the publication provides a new perspective on Schneider's radical work. Art based on feelings of physical isolation, restriction of movement, solitary confinement and death in life.