You and me and everybody. Erik Steinbrecher. + Motto Books.

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You and me and everybody. Erik Steinbrecher. + Motto Books.

Everybody is busy this Tuesday.

Size: 19 x 12
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-2-940524-40-2


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Today We Should Be Thinking About: Jo Baer, Thomas Baylre, Jimmie Durham, Robert Filliou, Haim Steinbach, and Rosemarie Trockel. Anthony Huberman (Ed.). Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König.

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Today We Should Be Thinking About: Jo Baer, Thomas Baylre, Jimmie Durham, Robert Filliou, Haim Steinbach, and Rosemarie Trockel. Anthony Huberman (Ed.). Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König.

The Artist´s Institute dedicates each six-month season to a single artist, whose work becomes the occasion for a series of exhibitions, public programs, and graduate seminars with leading contemporary thinkers in the fields of art, music, film, literature, science, art history, philosophy, and other creative pursuits. The first six seasons, taking place between 2010 and 2013, were dedicated to Robert Filliou, Jo Baer, Jimmie Durham, Rosemarie Trockel, Haim Steinbach, and Thomas Bayrle. In each context, the Institute convened private and public forums to reflect on each artist by reading relevant texts, displaying artworks, and programming related events, all of which are narrated in this book.


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Verbal Photography: Ilya Kabakov, Boris Mikhailov and the Moscow Archive of New Art. Margarita & Victor Tupitsyn. Serralves

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Verbal Photography: Ilya Kabakov, Boris Mikhailov and the Moscow Archive of New Art – by Margarita & Victor Tupitsyn

Exhibition presented at the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art from April 30 to July 4, 2004.


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Slices of Life . Elia Romanelli, Piero Vereni, Ottavia Castellina (eds.). Bruno

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Slices_of_Life_Elia_Romanelli_Piero_Vereni_Ottavia_Castellina_Bruno_motto_distribution_1Slices_of_Life_Elia_Romanelli_Piero_Vereni_Ottavia_Castellina_Bruno_motto_distribution_2 Slices_of_Life_Elia_Romanelli_Piero_Vereni_Ottavia_Castellina_Bruno_motto_distribution_3 Slices_of_Life_Elia_Romanelli_Piero_Vereni_Ottavia_Castellina_Bruno_motto_distribution_10 Slices_of_Life_Elia_Romanelli_Piero_Vereni_Ottavia_Castellina_Bruno_motto_distribution_9 Slices_of_Life_Elia_Romanelli_Piero_Vereni_Ottavia_Castellina_Bruno_motto_distribution_8 Slices_of_Life_Elia_Romanelli_Piero_Vereni_Ottavia_Castellina_Bruno_motto_distribution_7 Slices_of_Life_Elia_Romanelli_Piero_Vereni_Ottavia_Castellina_Bruno_motto_distribution_6 Slices_of_Life_Elia_Romanelli_Piero_Vereni_Ottavia_Castellina_Bruno_motto_distribution_5 Slices_of_Life_Elia_Romanelli_Piero_Vereni_Ottavia_Castellina_Bruno_motto_distribution_4 Slices_of_Life_Elia_Romanelli_Piero_Vereni_Ottavia_Castellina_Bruno_motto_distribution_11Slices_of_Life_Elia_Romanelli_Piero_Vereni_Ottavia_Castellina_Bruno_motto_distribution_12

This book sets out to present photo portraits and life stories that conclude with recipe suggestions intended to inspire the reader. The book’s aim is achieved when – by cooking and eating the suggested dish – the reader ingests the Other in a unusual and unexpected ‘transubstantiation’. Strangers, usually just glimpsed, here become trusted ma.tres d’ who – if they don’t poison you – give you the opportunity to look deeper into their worlds by telling you about their lives. Urban anthropophagy: allowing people to enter you through their food; letting them inside you by looking at them and listening to what they have to say. This book also offers itself up as an informal guide to London, where the city and its hustle and bustle stand in sharp relief to people’s memories. A guide where a suburban backstreet may be as meaningful as Big Ben in the quest to understand the city, and where the real difference lies in the people we meet and the tales they tell of this vast metropolis teeming with human life. It is a guide book that invites you to take wrong turnings and a cookbook that says it is okay to accept recipes from strangers.

Elia Romanelli
Anthropologist and project director



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Peter Downsbrough. Collection of Publications Now Available at Motto

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Position_Peter_Downsbrough_motto_distribution_1Position_Peter_Downsbrough_motto_distribution_2 a_place_barcelona_peter_downsbrough_angels_motto_distribution_2 a_place_berlin_peter_downsbrough_andreas_murkudis_motto_distribution_2 a_place_paris_peter_downsbrough_martine_aboucaya_motto_distribution_1Position_Peter_Downsbrough_motto_distribution_5 Position_Peter_Downsbrough_motto_distribution_6 Position_Peter_Downsbrough_motto_distribution_7 Position_Peter_Downsbrough_motto_distribution_4 position_peter_downsbrough_palais_des_beaux_arts_motto_distribution_1 position_peter_downsbrough_palais_des_beaux_arts_motto_distribution_2 position_peter_downsbrough_palais_des_beaux_arts_motto_distribution_3 position_peter_downsbrough_palais_des_beaux_arts_motto_distribution_4 titled_6_2015_peter_downsbrough_martine_aboucaya_motto_distribution_1 Position_Peter_Downsbrough_motto_distribution_3

A collection of Peter Downsbrough publications ranging from 1975 to 2015 is now available at Motto. The collection includes ‘Position’, an inclusive monograph on the work of Peter Downsbrough.

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foundprints books 002 (set). Soichi Suzuki

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foundprints_books_002_Set_Soichi_Suzuki_motto_distribution_1  foundprints_books_002_Set_Soichi_Suzuki_motto_distribution_2 foundprints_books_002_Set_Soichi_Suzuki_motto_distribution_3 foundprints_books_002_Set_Soichi_Suzuki_motto_distribution_4 foundprints_books_002_Set_Soichi_Suzuki_motto_distribution_5 foundprints_books_002_Set_Soichi_Suzuki_motto_distribution_6 foundprints_books_002_Set_Soichi_Suzuki_motto_distribution_7 foundprints_books_002_Set_Soichi_Suzuki_motto_distribution_8 foundprints_books_002_Set_Soichi_Suzuki_motto_distribution_9

A set of four leporellos by Soichi Suzuki

10 x 8 x 3.8 cm



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Rob Pruitt’s eBay Flea Market: Year 1. Tommaso Speretta (ed.). Bruno

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Rob_Pruitt_s_eBay_Flea_Market_Year_1_Tommaso_Speretta_Bruno_motto_distribution_1 Rob_Pruitt_s_eBay_Flea_Market_Year_1_Tommaso_Speretta_Bruno_motto_distribution_2 Rob_Pruitt_s_eBay_Flea_Market_Year_1_Tommaso_Speretta_Bruno_motto_distribution_3 Rob_Pruitt_s_eBay_Flea_Market_Year_1_Tommaso_Speretta_Bruno_motto_distribution_4 Rob_Pruitt_s_eBay_Flea_Market_Year_1_Tommaso_Speretta_Bruno_motto_distribution_5 Rob_Pruitt_s_eBay_Flea_Market_Year_1_Tommaso_Speretta_Bruno_motto_distribution_6 Rob_Pruitt_s_eBay_Flea_Market_Year_1_Tommaso_Speretta_Bruno_motto_distribution_7 Rob_Pruitt_s_eBay_Flea_Market_Year_1_Tommaso_Speretta_Bruno_motto_distribution_8 Rob_Pruitt_s_eBay_Flea_Market_Year_1_Tommaso_Speretta_Bruno_motto_distribution_9 Rob_Pruitt_s_eBay_Flea_Market_Year_1_Tommaso_Speretta_Bruno_motto_distribution_10 Rob_Pruitt_s_eBay_Flea_Market_Year_1_Tommaso_Speretta_Bruno_motto_distribution_11

This book is an unconventional autobiography. It retraces one year in the life of Rob Pruitt through the quotidian objects that the artist once loved, consumed, then felt he didn’t need anymore. An extension of the real-world flea markets, that he has been organizing since the early 1990′s, this particular collection of belongings sold on eBay from September 23 2013- September 23 2014 unearths precious fragments of Pruitt’s life while revealing his most material desires.


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Pavel Mára Photographs 1969-2014. KANT

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pavel_mara_photographs_1969-2014_kant_motto_distribution_1pavel_mara_photographs_1969-2014_kant_motto_distribution_3 pavel_mara_photographs_1969-2014_kant_motto_distribution_10 pavel_mara_photographs_1969-2014_kant_motto_distribution_9 pavel_mara_photographs_1969-2014_kant_motto_distribution_8 pavel_mara_photographs_1969-2014_kant_motto_distribution_7 pavel_mara_photographs_1969-2014_kant_motto_distribution_6 pavel_mara_photographs_1969-2014_kant_motto_distribution_5 pavel_mara_photographs_1969-2014_kant_motto_distribution_4

PAVEL MÁRA is a distinctive European photographer. Born in Prague in 1951, for almost two decades now he has been a teacher at the Institute of Creative Photography, Silesian University, Opava. That is the calling to which he was predestined by his art, which entails working with concepts and meticulously thinking things through. The look of his works often stems from new interpretations of the possibilities of the photographic medium.
Mára creates in series, some of which are remarkable depictions of the organic and inorganic world in geometric shapes. He achieves that, for example, by how he selects his shots. He does not use the usual technique of manipulating the photographic image. Often striking, surprising, and sometimes even unreal, colour is an independent component of Mára’s photographs. Yet he also employs a detailed and bewitchingly clear transcription of photographed reality. His work in series excludes chance; it leaves the viewer in no doubt about the photographer’s intentions.
As early as in the 1970s, Mára was among the few people in Czechoslovakia who did art photography in colour and, moreover, mostly in large formats. Of his early works, one mostly recalls the pictures of the precisely textured surfaces of technological objects painted in bright colours, for example,MECHANICAL STILL LIFES (1976–84). These are photographs that may reasonably be ranked among works of geometrical abstraction in other fields of art, even though they are at the same time quite concrete. He has been developing the principle to this day.
The human body became the main subject matter of Mára’s photographs. Using a simple method, he created the monumental TRIPTYCHS of nudes and portraits from 1990–93. The extraordinary impression they make consists in the sensed mystery of a shift of gaze. They were made without changing the position of the model by a vertical shift of the camera – the view from below, the view straight on, the view from above.
He made MECHANICAL CORPUSES (1997) using special approaches with coloured lighting, linking real bodies to unreal colours. The inventive staging of models with shaved heads in precisely centred compositions brought Mára to international attention.
The publication is based on the counterpoint of black-and-white and colour photographs, including, for example, BLACK CORPUSES: FAMILY (2001); the magical tonality of this series was achieved by printing black-and-white reversal film on colour reversal paper. NEGATIVE HEADS (2010), made in the scale of black, grey, and white, are, by contrast, digital portraits of a male model, defamiliarized by using geometric elements.
Pavel Mára’s whole oeuvre is pioneering. It is highly aestheticized but not calming; rather, it makes one uneasy. It is part of contemporary postmodern culture also because it is complete only when it has been installed, and in each case this is done for a particular space.


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Jewellery Hyperreal. Cathy Cox & Susan Pietzsch (Eds.). Schmuck2

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Jewellery_Hyperreal_Susan_Pietzsch_Schmuck2_motto_distribution_1Jewellery_Hyperreal_Susan_Pietzsch_Schmuck2_motto_distribution_2 Jewellery_Hyperreal_Susan_Pietzsch_Schmuck2_motto_distribution_3 Jewellery_Hyperreal_Susan_Pietzsch_Schmuck2_motto_distribution_4Jewellery_Hyperreal_Susan_Pietzsch_Schmuck2_motto_distribution_5 Jewellery_Hyperreal_Susan_Pietzsch_Schmuck2_motto_distribution_6Jewellery_Hyperreal_Susan_Pietzsch_Schmuck2_motto_distribution_7 Jewellery_Hyperreal_Susan_Pietzsch_Schmuck2_motto_distribution_8Jewellery_Hyperreal_Susan_Pietzsch_Schmuck2_motto_distribution_9 Jewellery_Hyperreal_Susan_Pietzsch_Schmuck2_motto_distribution_10

The “Jewellery Hyperreal” publication on the question how jewellery could be transferred into hyperreality

includes interviews with Daniel Knorr, Yukinori Maeda, Schmidttakahashi, Magnus Ericson, Lisa Walker, Yu Yamada

and a special contribution by Akio Seki

Edition of 500
Designed by THe Simple Society

Since 1997 the artist and jewellery designer Susan Pietzsch installed with Schmuck2 a continous international exhibition programme. Schmuck2 takes a focus on unusual, diverse takes on the themes of “jewellery”, combining people with different cultural background such as artists, designers and art-theorists. The projects shape a multi-faced image for contemporary styles of jewellery, using unconventional concepts that move between fine and applied arts.


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europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_1 europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_2 europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_3 europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_5 europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_6 europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_7 europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_8 europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_9 europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_10 europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_12europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_11 europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_13

Ten years ago, Dutch photographer Yamandu Roos went on a grand quest to discover backyard Europe and take pictures. This epic journey is now neatly documented in the form of a book, published by Red Lebanese.


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